Food Packaging

PFF manufactures standard and bespoke plastic containers for the UK food retail industry. Our packaging is produced from direct food contact approved grades of PP in hygienic site facilities, accredited to AA BRCGS standard. All of PFF's plastic food packaging products are 100% recyclable, where onward recycling facilities exist.

PFF provides innovative, sustainable, award-winning food packaging to supermarkets, multi-national food manufacturers, foodservice and fresh produce companies, across the length and breadth of Britain.

Here is an insight into just some of the categories that we provide packaging for:

Bakery: bread, garlic bread, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, biscuits (crystal clear rPET/PET)
Chilled products: cottage cheese, coleslaws, potato salads, snack foods
Confectionery: lids, bases and insert trays
Dairy: yoghurts, cream and custard (Desto pots, printed thermoformed or IML)
Fish and shellfish: (polypropylene and PET trays)
Fruit and vegetables
Hot liquid added products: porridge, soups and noodles (Desto pots)
Ice-cream: 500ml to 2-litre tubs
Meat: joints, sausages, burgers and offal (polypropylene and PET trays)
Poultry: whole birds, legs, wings, etc (polypropylene and PET trays)
Ready meals: for microwave and oven

There are new, emerging consumer trends and tastes. We have seen a rise in requirements for plant-based, meat-free and vegan food product packaging.

Standard Stock 

PFF has a comprehensive range of tools at our production sites. If you need standard packs, please contact us to discuss the size and dimensions that you need and ask us for a quote. We are good at what we do and can help you. We manufacture a massive range of standard-sized packaging. This includes shelf-ready bowls, domes, hinge-packs, plates, pots, punnets, trays and wedges. We can also provide you with bases, dividers, inserts, lids and other pack components such as collation trays, straight-on-trays and transit trays.

Bespoke Sizes & Designs

Where you need a bespoke pack size or special design (seasonal packaging for example) please get in touch. PFF’s friendly Key Account Managers and  Innovation Centre Team are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about designing darned good packaging.  Collectively, they have over 100 years of experience. They will work closely with you to really get to know your brand and product and listen to what you need.

Your project will be expertly managed, giving you peace of mind. And if you are in a hurry, we don’t hang about – we can get a prototype to you in less than 24 hours. The team will project manage your pack design, material blend & sheet manufacture, sample testing & trialling and the full packaging production process. We have a brilliant Design Studio. This means you can have high-quality artwork that really makes your brand and product stand out amongst others when on-shelf.

Packaging Modification for Existing Products

PFF’s Key Account Managers intuitively know how to change your pack design without compromising the job it’s meant to do. You may be looking to reduce the amount of plastic, looking to reduce the weight of a pack, or both. These changes will save on materials and with more items on a pallet, could reduce your transport costs too. And, we can help you to do this.


PFF is a vertically integrated business – in a nutshell, we produce our own sheet plastic for the food packaging products that we make.

Our thermoformed products provide a functional packaging solution and a safe method of transporting and displaying goods in the food retail sector. Our many unique shapes can maximise food proportion, perception and visibility.

Injection moulding is suitable for all types of food applications including dairy products, ice cream, soups, sauces and ready meals. Our products offer robust, secure packaging options for excellent product protection and security.

The Desto cup is a combination of lightweight plastic inlet and cardboard wrap-around sleeve. It offers the advantages of both plastic and paperboard containers with a significant reduction of plastic content when compared to other formats. Our Desto products are exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax 2022.

Dry offset printing provides label quality decoration and innovative print options on thermoformed or injection moulded containers and lids. High-quality print process can use up to eight colours and we can replicate photographic quality, detailed designs.

In-mould labelling is available for injection moulded and thermoformed containers and lids. It conforms perfectly to a wide range of different shaped plastic containers and is an ideal solution for food applications such as ice-cream, soups, sauces, yoghurts and ready meals.

PFF is on operation 24/7 to meet the rigorous demands of the UK’s fast-moving food retail industry.

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