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      Dry Offset Printing

      Dry Offset Printing

      Dry offset printing provides label quality decoration and innovative print options on thermoformed or injection moulded containers and lids.

      Dry offset printing is suitable for all types of food application including soups, sauces, ice cream, drinking cups, dips, confectionery, dairy products, coleslaw and salads.

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      Our high-quality print process can use up to eight colours and we can replicate photographic quality, detailed designs. Print can be applied to clear and coloured substrates and opaque inks ensure strong colours and branding on transparent cups and lids.

      All separations and printing plates are produced in-house, giving total control and fast turn-around.

      Technical Specification

      • High-quality, eight colour printing process for cups and lids
      • Cost-effective decoration process
      • In-house colour separation and laser engraved plate making facilities
      • Available on thermoformed or injection moulded containers and lids
      • QR bar code printing available
      • High-speed printing
      • Fast turn-around
      Extra thick cream container

      Environmentally Friendly

      Printing on rPET and polypropylene
      Produced to order to minimise the risk of obsolete stock