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      From production to administration, we have implemented energy-saving and environmentally-friendly initiatives across our business, including the installation of recharging stations for electric cars.

      We aim to be a leader in the production of sustainable products without compromising the quality and high performance that it achieves. We work closely with suppliers and partners to enable us to offer a variety of food packaging which is produced from recyclable and sustainable materials.

      PFF converts over 5,000 tonnes of post-consumer waste PET bottles and trays back into rPET food packaging every year. This equates to approximately 500,000,000 – 500ml water bottles.

      Many of our food packaging products are formed from food-grade recycled PET (rPET) which contains up to 90% of recycled material, over 50% of which is post-consumer waste.

      PFF recycles our skeletal waste and re-processes it into new, thermoformable PET and polypropylene sheet. We proactively collect and recycle print scrap into non-food contact items and re-use outer packaging and pallets.

      Generating Energy from our Waste

      PFF sends zero waste to landfill. The production waste that we do not recycle ourselves is diverted to Refuse Derived Fuel facilities both in the UK and Europe. Once there, it is processed and converted into energy for heating and electricity. There is no such thing as ‘waste’ to us – we regard it as a precious resource.

      Sourcing & Materials

      Wherever possible, PFF will source hot washed flake and pellets from UK suppliers.

      A vertically integrated business, we extrude our own polypropylene and PET sheet film. The latter can have an optional PE laminate which creates an integrated barrier film for direct food contact applications. Efficient processing reduces both energy use and impact on resources.

      Our polypropylene typically contains 30% of PPF’s own post-process waste. PFF’s rPET contains a minimum of 50% of post-consumer food contact waste and at least 30% of our own post-process waste. Pellets are expertly blended on-site, ready for processing.

      All PFF’s packaging products can be recycled, where facilities exist.