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      Operation Clean Sweep

      PFF’s production site at Keighley has achieved a certificate of recognition from Operation Clean Sweep®, an international initiative from the plastics industry. Led by the British Plastics Federation (BPF) in the UK, the scheme aims to ensure that plastic pellets, flakes, and powders which pass through manufacturing facilities in the UK are handled with care and don’t end up in our rivers and seas.

      Lee Wilkinson, Group Supply Chain Manager, signed-up PFFs two production sites earlier this year. He said: “We take our environmental responsibility very seriously and PFF’s participation in Operation Clean Sweep® demonstrates the firm’s long-term commitment to playing our part in protecting the aquatic environment.”

      In taking part, companies pledge to follow best practices and systems set out by the BPF manual which is a comprehensive guide on measures that can be put in place including site audits, worksite set-up, training and prevention, containment and clean up procedures.

      We carried out our audit at Keighley before the Covid-19 lockdown and are in the process of carrying out recommendations such as installing drain covers and pellet spill kits in unloading areas and storage areas.

      We hope to arrange an audit at PFF’s Washington production site later this year, subject to the outcome of the UK Government’s advice on safe distancing.

      You can find out more about Operation Clean Sweep® on the BPF website.