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      Supplying Aprons for Use Within the NHS

      PFF has worked within the plastics sector for almost 30 years. PFF Health was established after the business was awarded a Department of Health & Social Care contract to manufacture 360 million PE aprons for frontline NHS staff and social care workers, in 2020.

      The contract led to the business creating over 100 UK jobs and investing in custom-built machines that were designed and constructed in the UK and PFF Health is now the largest manufacturer of disposable polythene aprons in Britain.

      Sustainability is at the heart of our business, and we source our raw materials from within the UK. We manufacture over 2million polythene aprons per day at our production site in Washington, Tyne & Wear.

      From March 2022 it is very likely that polythene aprons and all other items of PPE will no longer be issued free of charge via the PPE Dedicated Supply Channel and procurers like yourself will be looking to source and secure your supply. As a UK manufacturer, we are keen to let you know that you can purchase polythene aprons from an established UK business with a robust supply chain and solid experience of working closely with the NHS supply chain.

      We can supply a range of sizes, colours and in many different thicknesses, commonly ranging from 16 to 60 micron.  Our aprons can also be supplied on rolls or flat packed.

      You can download our product specifications on this page.

      If you would like to discuss your anticipated stock requirements for polythene aprons from March 2022 onwards, please contact:

      How to Don & Doff a Polythene Apron

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