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      Medical Packaging Solutions & Medical Components

      With almost 30 years of experience in the UK plastics industry, PFF are expert in designing rigid plastic packaging with reduced use of material and increased use of post-consumer recycled waste.

      Our injection moulding and thermoforming capabilities and design expertise mean that we are ideally positioned to manufacture compliant bespoke, high quality and cost-effective:

      • medical packaging for new product lines
      • polyware
      • medical components
      • procedure packs
      • device components.
      If you are looking for a UK supplier, we would like to hear from you.

      Actively Seeking Partnerships

      PFF Health is already working in partnership with several medical sector manufacturers who aim to reduce plastic and lower carbon footprint pertaining to packaging for new product lines and polyware such as kidney bowls, trays, gallipots, etc.

      We are actively seeking to collaborate with other like-minded manufacturers who are interested in sourcing sustainable products and medical packaging from a resilient, UK supplier.

      If you would like to have an informal discussion, please contact Mark Foulger, Commercial Director at PFF Health:

      m. 07566 798680

      Extrusion & Thermoforming

      PFF is a vertically integrated business. We produce our own sheet plastic from a high quantity of food-grade post-consumer recycled (PCR) polymers. We also reprocess our own internal production generated waste.

      Pellets are expertly blended to produce sheet material that meets direct contact applications. PFF uses the sheet material that we produce on-site to manufacture thermoformed products. They provide a functional and safe method of transporting and displaying goods.

      Crystal clear PET offers excellent clarity and our many unique shapes can maximise medical device shapes and proportions. PFF also offers high-quality decoration through our dry offset printing or in-mould labelling services.

      Injection Moulding

      PFF Health can manufacture a wide range of bespoke injection moulded packaging that offers robust, secure packaging options for excellent product protection.

      In-mould labelling (IML) is available for injection moulded and thermoformed containers and lids. It conforms perfectly to a wide range of different shaped plastic containers.

      On a sheet-fed machine, the card/label is placed into the mould – this is value engineering that can replace printed packaging, save on material through a reduced plastic requirement and make a lighter product which saves on transport costs.

      High quality, high-resolution decoration provides excellent on-shelf brand identification. It offers superior functionality – the label is part of the container and highly durable, being protected from wear and tear.