The PFF Packaging Group has unveiled its ground-breaking new £1m Innovation Centre

The PFF Packaging Group has unveiled its ground-breaking new £1m Innovation Centre which will dramatically slash the time taken to design and produce bespoke food packaging solutions.

In an industry where the average time to deliver concept designs and packaging prototypes is six weeks, the Innovation Centre will enable the company to offer a complete packaging design-to-prototype solution on the same day.  The Centre features a Subtractive Rapid Prototype CNC milling machine while the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software delivers powerful design functionality to speed up the design process. The Centre also incorporates the PowerMILL specialist machining software for the production of complex packaging shapes and formats more typically found in the aerospace, automotive, medical device and toolmaking industries.

“The Innovation Centre is a cutting-edge, creative hub for packaging innovation and sustainability, and it is turning what is traditionally a long and sometimes complex process completely on its head,” comments Group Managing Director Andy Bairstow.

“As well as freeing up precious time for individuals who may have previously been involved in long creative processes, this fast response service will also help manufacturers get their products into store much more quickly than ever before.

“The Centre is a realisation of our vision and a significant game-changer for PFF and our customers.”

The Innovation Centre is located on the Stephenson Industrial Estate in Washington, Tyne & Wear.

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