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      Investing in Sustainable Production

      PFF has purchased a new thermoforming system and installed the machine at Sedgefield.

      The state-of-the-art KIEFEL GmbH-designed SPEEDFORMER KMD 78.2 Power system enables the business to significantly and immediately increase the production capacity of thermoformed products while reducing our carbon footprint.

      The machine offers an agile supply solution to increasing demand for packaging from the soft fruit and stone fruit sector.  It presents an opportunity for reactive local sourcing rather than cash-intensive stock holding of imported products with longer, disrupted supply chains.

      The new generation of KIEFEL GmbH machines is fast and dependable. The 78.2’s heating system is ready for use in a short amount of time and provides 20% higher heating capacity and the servo drive has an energy recovery process. This combination leads to considerable energy savings. Other features include a feed table that accurately guides material to a sheet transport system and efficient tool-change capability which shorten set-up times.

      PFF is one of the UK’s largest independent food packaging manufacturers providing innovative packaging solutions to supermarkets, multi-national food manufacturers, food service, and fresh produce companies across the UK.

      We produce our own sheet plastic from high-quality food-grade post-consumer recycled (PCR) polymers and convert more than 7,000 tonnes of post-consumer waste PET bottles and trays back into rPET food packaging annually.

      Paul Howell, MP for Sedgefield visited PFF’s Sedgefield site in November and had an opportunity to look at the 78.2 system and ask questions. He has since commented about PFF: “Yet another of the great businesses in our area that are investing in the future.”

      John Conway, General Manager at Sedgefield is pictured with the 78.2.  He said: “Our strategy to continually invest in advanced technology demonstrates our commitment to the circular economy.

      At a time of higher haulage charges, spiralling energy costs, and the continuing knock-on effect of Brexit on imported goods, we have seen increased demand for punnets for soft fruit being grown and packed here in the UK. The new KMD 78.2 system is three times faster than our previous process enabling us to manufacture our products more sustainably using less energy.”

      PFF’s championing of sustainable packaging solutions has seen the business invest heavily in technology and software to drive efficiencies and reduce energy consumption.

      This latest investment follows a £2m investment in thermoforming equipment earlier this year, new transformer technology to reduce carbon emissions and the installation of a hybrid adiabatic cooling system to supply chilled water to production processes.

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