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      PFF Joins the FruPro Platform

      The platform aims to optimise all aspects of the fresh produce supply chain.

      PFF Group, which has Packaging & Health divisions, has become a member of the FruPro platform to support the British fresh produce marketplace and to engage with other members, supporting the needs of the industry.

      PFF is one of the UK’s largest independent manufacturers of sustainable food-grade packaging. The business represents a key element of the fresh produce supply chain, with our range of British-made, recyclable punnets – the perfect packaging companion for soft fruit, stone fruit and salad.

      FruPro is offering PFF customers a 15% discount on their first subscription package. The code to use when applying is PFF15 and it is valid until 31st December 2022.

      FruPro founder and CEO Will Hill said “FruPro is thrilled to have PFF join our platform and we are sure PFF, a company that champions innovation, will be delivering our network high service standards.”

      PFF has operated as an innovative, creative and sustainable business for almost thirty years. We have fostered firm relations with local and national suppliers.

      The business produces its own sheet plastic from high-quality food-grade post-consumer recycled (PCR) polymers and converts more than 7,000 tonnes of post-consumer waste PET bottles and trays back into rPET food packaging annually.

      We recently invested in a bespoke thermoforming system at our Sedgefield site. The system has enabled the business to significantly increase the production capacity of thermoformed products while reducing our carbon footprint. The new machine offers an agile supply solution to increasing demand for packaging from the soft fruit and stone fruit sector, presenting an opportunity for reactive local sourcing rather than cash-intensive stock holding of imported products with longer disrupted supply chains.

      PFF aspires to be the preferred British manufacturer of punnets, serving farmers, fresh produce importers, fruit & vegetables, wholesalers and fresh produce retailers throughout the length and breadth of the UK.

      Sales Manager and sector specialist Stuart Moore said: “At PFF we take our carbon zero commitments seriously as evidenced by our continued investment in new processes to engineer plastic out of products.”

      Our responsibility to the environment is recognised by Operation Clean Sweep – an international initiative that aims to ensure that plastics do not end up in waterways – and by membership of the NEXTLOOPP global initiative, helping deliver the world’s first commercially available, recycled high-quality polypropylene (FGrPP).

      For punnet enquiries, please contact:

      07720 941806


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