Vision & Strategy

PFF is one of the industry’s most active champions of sustainable packaging solutions and we continue to engage with consumers, industry professionals, and government organisations in our search for ways to tackle the world’s growing environmental challenges. Education, communication, and teamwork will all play a vital role in helping our society find realistic ways forward.

Currently, we are seeing solutions for replacing plastic packaging that is actually more damaging to our planet. For example, replacing plastic straws with bamboo from the other side of the world is much worse with regards to carbon emissions than using plastic that is correctly recycled. It’s about a sensible, balanced approach and educating people on how to recycle.

Rather than chasing the big volume lines over the next few years, we will look towards real innovation and smart approaches to our commercial packaging and the way we approach our customers, in alliance with our machine manufacturers.

One of our key company mannerisms, and something that has served us very well when managed and led correctly, is scepticism. We are sceptical of just about everything we do. We refuse to accept the norm and we are constantly challenging ourselves to make things more efficient.

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