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      PFF Featured in MTE

      Our Group Managing Director, Kenton Robbins, was interviewed for an article which appears in the latest edition of Manufacturing Today Europe. Kenton shares an insight on the business, its growth and PFF’s commitment to sustainability.

      Here are a couple of extracts from the article, where Kenton said: “We’ve moved the business forward in almost all aspects of the operation, from quality to technical processes to people, everything really,” Kenton states. “We’ve gone through just about every single system we have in the business and improved it in one way or another. Not only have we seen a huge growth in the capability of our teams, but, as is our goal, we have continued to deliver innovation.”

      “We have really engaged with the plastics debate over the last two years,” Kenton says. “I think it’s fair to say that we’ve done a great job of working with the industry and our supply base to drive it forward. Despite having spent the last ten years trying to lightweight our products and drive recycling usage within manufacturing, we have still, at times, found ourselves pariahised for being a part of the industry. However, we continue to do our best to understand everybody’s point of view and we think sensible conversations with regard to the usage of plastic and where you apply it and where you can lightweight it, are fundamental to the industry’s future.”

      We would like to express our thanks to Manufacturing Today Europe