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      Fundraising for Yorkshire Air Ambulance

      A team of ten cyclists, made up of PFF staff and friends, took part in the Yorkshire Pedalthon 2022 to raise almost £500 for Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

      An independent charity, it provides lifesaving rapid response emergency service to five million people across the whole of Yorkshire. To keep both of their air ambulances maintained and, in the air, the charity needs to raise £12,000 every single day, which is the equivalent of £4.4m a year.

      The team, who named themselves, ‘The PFF Re-Cyclers,’ joined over two hundred participants at the annual event which was established in 2014 to bring together people from local businesses with the aim of raising funds for charities.

      Our team was made up of PFF’s Kenton Robbins, Rob Atkin, Ian Smith, Lee Wilkinson, Paul Hustler, Steve Cranswick and friends Andrew Senior, Ade Barwick, Dan Binks and Josiah Sulc.

      Despite the rain and damp conditions, the Re-Cyclers were in fine spirits at the starting point close to Masham Cricket Club in Ripon, North Yorkshire. They lined-up with other participating teams and individuals who departed at 3–5-minute intervals.

      The team opted to follow the Yorkshire Pedalthon’s sixty-one kilometer ‘Castles Route’ one of two courses designed by Iconic Cycling Events. It picked out the historic castles in Middleham and at Castle Bolton and after 25 miles, our cyclists made a short stop for high-energy food and drinks in Wensley Village Hall.

      Thank you to Topping Pies, Yorkshire Tea, the Wensleydale Creamery, Bothams of Whitby, Riverford Organic Farmers, Haribo and Yorkshire Flapjack for keeping everyone taking part nourished and refreshed.

      All ten of the PFF Re-Cyclers completed the course. It was Steve who found his legs to finish first. Dan followed in second position and then Lee. Andrew took the fourth position. Well done to all the team – it was a tough course and wet weather added to the challenge.

      Dan said: “At least it wasn’t raining all the way round! Well done to all the riders and not forgetting the support crew! The long route next year.”

      Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Yorkshire Pedalthon and most importantly for helping to support Yorkshire Air Ambulance and other charities. Thank you also to the staff at the Pedalthon and Iconic Cycling Events and all others who supported the event and volunteered their time.

      A finisher’s medal was presented to each Pedalthon participant who celebrated an unforgettable day with a well-earned pint at Masham Cricket Club.

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