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      Our Support During COVID-19

      3d printed headband
      Emergency food response to COVID 19

      Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, PFF has, like many companies across the UK, increased the level of support that we provide for worthy causes and initiatives. Here is a round-up of the help that it has been our privilege to provide, during an incredibly difficult time:

      PFF’s sister company Fetera produces high-quality PLA filament for 3D printing and they did their bit to support the urgent need for more PPE. Fetera donated 50 reels of filament to three groups of volunteers who were using 3D printers to create headband components for face masks. The two UK based groups’ products will be used to supply the NHS and care staff, whilst a unit in Malta plans to distribute their headbands worldwide.

      One of the groups was founded by Taylor Overton-Barrett who is completing his degree from home in Skipton, due to the current lockdown. 3D printing is one of Taylor’s hobbies and after finding a protective mask design online, he decided to give it a go. He has since established Team Shield, a band of helpers and volunteers which includes support from members in Skipton and at Rolls Royce.

      Life Church Bradford established a food bank for needy people in and around the City, as part of the church’s community support during the COVID-19 crisis. Through PFF, Rob Atkin, our Finance Director, was able to recommend some food-industry contacts. They included local community champions at Morrisons stores in Bradford who were able to help.

      PFF is one of several businesses, along with volunteers to have helped the Fulforth Centre in Sacriston, County Durham, provide free meals to vulnerable people who live in the village and surrounding areas. Phil Ball, a Key Account Manager, lives locally and helped-out by supplying plastic trays. Over the first four weeks, 1,373 tasty meals were enjoyed by residents!

      PFF was very pleased to arrange a donation of plastic tubs to Waste Not Want Not Battersea, where volunteers are busy preparing and distributing plant-based meals to needy residents in the local borough. A project supporter said, “they could last us for months.”

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