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      Kris & Olive Champion Report Log

      Shift Supervisors Kris Gibson and Olive Simmons are passionate about health and safety in the workplace.

      So much so, they have set up a dynamic health and safety team at Washington where members represent a cross-section of the shop floor including quality and engineering.

      The duo has created an H&S report log on display in the staff restroom where colleagues can suggest where improvements and efficiencies could be put in place.  Each item will then be discussed by the team.

      Kris (pictured) said: “The log will display a weekly status update so all staff can see the progression of any topic that’s been recommended. This should highlight to colleagues the importance and value of their input and how everything added to the log will be considered and actioned where needed.”

      Olive added: “Any colleague is more than welcome to join the health and safety action team. They can speak to a Supervisor, Production Manager, or Health and Safety Representative if it is something they’d like to get involved in.”

      The team intends to meet regularly with different members presenting on the site’s H&S performance and closed out actions.

      PFF Health & Safety Officer, Sam Lee, said: “This will definitely help to reinforce safety in the workplace, and I encourage all colleagues to support the new report log.”

      Group MD, Kenton Robbins, described Chris and Olive’s endeavor as: “A fantastic initiative”.

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