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      DHSC Selects PFF to Manufacture PPE

      PFF is delighted to have been selected by the UK Department for Health and Social Care to manufacture disposable aprons to supply the NHS with the much-needed PPE. As an established British manufacturer, PFF’s sector knowledge and experience meant that we were well placed to work closely with the DHSC to move quickly through the governance processes. This enabled us to establish the new machines, take delivery of the specialist plastic film and to ramp up production of the aprons for the health and social care sectors.

      PFF has continued to operate during the COVID-19 crisis, supporting the UK’s food retail sector through the production and supply of food packaging and additionally standing up new capability and capacity to manufacture aprons.

      A dedicated production area has been created at the Washington site where the aprons are being manufactured and packed 24/7. Over 100 additional workers have been hired for the duration of the contract to deliver this critical work.

      We are very proud to be helping the NHS as well as creating work opportunities in these most challenging of times.

      Please send any questions about PFF’s aprons to

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