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      2021 Business Predictions

      Here is a round-up of 2021 business predictions from Kenton Robbins, Group Managing Director

      The landscape of global recovery is on the up and the panacea of vaccines has become a reality. With all this positivity it pains me to think of the long-term impact of the virus, coming on top of Brexit and the financial long haul needed to deal with one of the most challenging years in living memory.

      Brexit will undoubtedly create a mass of additional work as businesses come to terms with profound change coupled with the ongoing restrictive workplace practices made necessary by Covid-19. On a more positive note, the renaissance of British industry and manufacturing is here to stay, boosted by innovation and increased consumer demand for goods that are ‘Made in Britain’.

      The definition of value and quality will be further highlighted by the impact of Brexit. We will learn to eat and buy more of what we have made in the UK – or pay a premium for imported goods. Smarter consumers will demand an instant product and that will be better served by UK plc.

      The fourth industrial revolution will continue to pick up the pace, with more UK businesses working collaboratively in the supply chain and smart technology, together with ongoing automation of manufacturing and industrial processes, both driving business growth.

      A heightened focus on all aspects of sustainability through all stages of the manufacturing and business supply chain will see Net Zero targets on carbon emissions.

      Consumer attitudes will also shift to more informed decisions on green issues as more detailed and nuanced data emerges on the environmental impacts of low carbon footprint and the recyclability of previously avoided materials like plastic. More educated consumers will see the true value of materials that can be returned to the recycling chain for reuse time and time again.

      As with all challenges, 2021 needs to be faced head-on. The New Year needs grabbing by the scruff of the neck and dealing with, so let’s all head into 2021 with the attitude and determination to make it a good one!

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