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      From Special & Bespoke to Simple & Unfussy

      Green planet packaging

      Following the arrival of COVID-19 and the subsequent global disruption it has caused, UK production is enjoying a refreshing and long overdue renaissance. PFF has never been prouder to be a part of the British manufacturing scene.

      Being vertically integrated and able to create sheet material on-site means that we can offer customers a broad range of food packaging. Whilst PFF excels in the design of bespoke packaging, we also manufacture and supply a vast range of straight forward, standard food-grade recyclable packaging.

      Where required, we can apply dry offset print decoration to our own products as well as those produced elsewhere. Our photograph shows a good example of the latter. We received PLA pint and half-pint Green Planet drinkware from Innerglass, part of the IG Group, and PFF added the brand decoration.

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