We aim to be a leader in the production of sustainable packaging solutions without compromising the quality and high performance that it achieves.

As such we work closely with suppliers and partners in order to offer a variety of packaging made from recyclable and sustainable materials.

Many of our products are formed from food-grade recycled PET (rPET), containing up to 90% recycled material, over 50% of which is post-consumer waste (PCW).   The origins of our raw materials are also extremely important to us, therefore we source UK products wherever possible.

From production to administration, we have implemented a number of energy saving initiatives on site and proactively recycle waste through the collection and recycling of print scrap into non-food contact items and the re-use of outer packaging and pallets.

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PFF Packaging Group is dedicated to providing innovative and intelligent packaging solutions. From initial concept and design to production, decoration and delivery.

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