Thermoforming provides a reliable and cost effective solution to retail and transit packaging, using modern processing equipment and a wide variety of thermoplastics. Thermoforming offers the food industry a functional and safe method of transporting and displaying goods in the retail sectors.

Technical specification

  • Material options: PP, APET, RPET and PET with a PE laminate
  • Full range of sizes, shapes and colour capabilities
  • Available in both bespoke and standard lines
  • All sheet material and subsequent products produced by PFF Packaging Group are suitable for direct food contact applications


Environmentally friendly

  • Thermoformed RPET contains at least 50% post-consumer recycled waste and at least 30% industry recycled waste
  • PP available with a recycled content to help reduce the reliance of virgin polymers


Strong on-shelf presence

  • Crystal clear PET offers excellent clarity and our many unique shapes maximise the food proportion perception and visibility
  • Available for standard, high barrier and deep freeze applications as well as laminated materials for MAP
  • Option for high quality decoration by utilising our dry offset printing or labelling services



  • Thermoforming is an ideal process for producing products for a wide range of food and non-food applications including transit and on shelf packaging


PFF Packaging Group is dedicated to providing innovative and intelligent packaging solutions. From initial concept and design to production, decoration and delivery.

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